Nation of Rats

by Escoban

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first full Length Album. Made fully in DIY work.


released August 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Escoban Beilngries, Germany

"Escoban" is a german Hardcore Band, which was founded in 2013 in Beilngries, Germany.

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Track Name: Facedown
You find yourself with your Face down, straight to the ground
No Reason to live, Nothing more to give. Get up

Nothing ever was handed to me
I had to fight for what i see
Redemption never came easy to me
Great loss big nothing or the triumph we seek

With your face down on the ground
Track Name: Fire & Rain
You set hope to my broken heart, in a time where fire and rain broke apart
All i ever wanted, i`ve never achieved
In Lady Luck i`ve never believed

I`m through with you and all of your lies
The gifts you gave are things (that) i despise
Work hard for your goals, keep in mind they`re in reach
Work hard for your dreams, Lady Luck is dead to me
Ain`t nobody understands my wish for complete happiness
For true people among me, no fucking fakes

For every threat there`s a reason, behind every wish there`s a meaning
Never roll the dice for big decisions
Keep in mind that it`s your life that you are living
Track Name: Life.Work.Die
Conquer back what`s rightfull yours, never let your inner hopes slip away
Seek on and on for your inner dreams, for your true self beliefs

There is no way this is my true Destiny

One step forward and two steps back, they won`t recognize cause works the only thing
in their minds no piece left of their true inside

I`ll never falter towards my inner peace
Track Name: For those
This one`s for you, for those who never fail
But all that`s left is just an empty shell
Hand in hand and back to back is what you preach
But let me tell you hungty bellies have no ears
Doing good, raise your voice
If there´s no media i have no choice
Don`t bother me i never could never fail
Once a year fullfills my needs
Kind soul rests in peace for all i know
I did my deed, doing good, raise your voice
If there`s no media i have no choice

Hypocrisy can`t sham Dissimalation
Track Name: Hourglass
Endless hours line up before my eyes
No escape i have to do my time
Got to break out, cut the cord
Materialism reflects a fucking cold world
Climp up the black hole i dug myself
Dark down here, no place to dwell
Dark and oppressive a peacefull shell
Relentless mind hold back a life in hell
I know how i am and i know where i belong
Climp up the black hole, i cut the cord
Stand my ground

Life goes on with or without you, no need to break down, no need to feel small

Have to stay focused
Go step by step
I´ll overcome the vortex i made
Track Name: The City
Come on leave it we don`t care
Betray your roots like you weren`t born here
No matter what you say, our heart belongs here
We care about tradition, freedom and roots

This is the city we grew up in, on which we never turn our backs
Our hearts our soul our roots lie here
This is the one thing which will never disappear

Track Name: No More Regrets
You burnt the bridge between reason and hate
You killed this little thing holding me back
All for nothing, forget the past
Everything we say is beyond their grasp

You`re reaching for the crown of meaningless
Cause that`s everything you can get
I gave you all, all i got
But loyalty meant nothing to you
Everything, yes everything i had
No regards i wanna see you fall

How could you go so low, my friend
Do you want this comingt to an end
All my life running against walls
So lost in failure anger and broken trust
You never broke my spirit though
The hard truth will make its way through
Track Name: Nation of Rats
I am skin and i am bones on my way to find my home
Broken souls are passing by, roaming through my broken mind
Noones there to hear the voice of the weak, deaf and blind as you can be
I am skin and i am bones on my way to find my home

Nation of Rats - Say one thing but do vice versa
Nation of Rats - An expert in telling lies

I`m more than tired of hearing them say
It`s the bright side, just stay
You came down selling black crosses
I hear them shout: "Send `em back in boxes!"
Noones there to hear the voice of the weak, deaf and blind as you can be
I am skin and i am bones on my way to find my home

There will be streets
Set on fire
Broken kids
Starting a riot